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New homes for Leicester Road, Uppingham


Access, public transport and parking

It was originally proposed to build a new roundabout on the Leicester Road that would serve as the access to the site and to future planned housing to the north (as identified in Uppingham’s Neighbourhood Plan).

However as timescales for the delivery of housing to the north are uncertain it has been decided to create a single access junction, with land safeguarded for the creation of a roundabout at some time in the future.

A pedestrian crossing point will link into the existing footpath on the northern side of Leicester Road allowing easy pedestrian access into Uppingham. Most of the local schools are within easy walking or cycling distance and Uppingham town centre.

Bus services on route 747 pass the site on Leicester Road, providing an hourly Monday to Saturday service to the town centre (two minutes’ travel) and to Leicester city centre (approximately 54 minutes’ travel).

The larger new homes would have garages designed to be able to accommodate a car as well as providing storage or utility space. All other properties would have off-street car parking spaces in line with the County Council’s guidelines.
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