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Location and housing need

New homes for Leicester Road, Uppingham


The site

The site is located to the south of Leicester Road on the western side of Uppingham. The proposals cover the field allocated for housing in Uppingham’s Neighbourhood Plan (Housing Site C).

An area to the south of the new homes is reserved for recreation or sports use but this does not form part of the current plans.

Housing need

Rutland County Council, through the Core Strategy, has determined a need for 3,000 new homes across the County between 2006-2026 (i.e. 150 new dwellings per year) and Uppingham is identified as a particularly sustainable settlement able to contribute towards meeting this need.


Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan

Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan has allocated land for housing to deliver at least 170 new dwellings up to 2026.

Bloor Homes’ proposal to develop 104 new homes in this location is supported by the plan. Of this total, 32 new homes will be provided as affordable housing for rent and shared ownership.

The site is allocated as Housing Site C in the Plan and according to the Plan document, community consultation on the suitability of this site for housing development and inclusion within the Plan was supported by 70% of respondents.


Development sites map from Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan